Who is the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition?

Our mission is to reverse the trend of mass incarceration in Colorado. We are a coalition of nearly 7,000 individual members and over 100 faith and community organizations who have united to stop perpetual prison expansion in Colorado through policy and sentence reform.

Our chief areas of interest include drug policy reform, women in prison, racial injustice, the impact of incarceration on children and families, the problems associated with re-entry and stopping the practice of using private prisons in our state.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

International Drug Policy Consortium

In the spring of 2009, the political representatives of all national governments will gather in Vienna to decide a way forward for the management of the international drug control system. The outcome of this meeting, and the process of review and preparation that precedes it, is at the moment uncertain, as many member states are questioning the value of a continuing reliance on law enforcement and supply reduction to resolve drug problems, and are pushing for a greater emphasis on policies and programmes that focus on the health and social consequences of drug markets and drug use.
Civil society organisations around the world are currently considering how best to get involved with this process, and influence its outcome. This advocacy guide has been produced by the International Drug Policy Consortium (www.idpc.info) to give NGOs information on how the process is unfolding, and ideas on how they can engage in effective advocacy. This version of the guide has been produced in September 2007. It gives a background to, and explanation of, the review process, and a brief introduction to the issues that we will be focussing on as the process develops. Updated versions will be produced at key stages of the process, and distributed to all interested NGOs. The second version of this guide will be distributed in December 2007, and will include a more detailed discussion of the emerging advocacy positions promoted by the IDPC, and details of the preparations for the 2008 Commission on Narcotic Drugs, to be held in March 2008 in Vienna.
The IDPC will also be hosting a series of workshops over the next 18 months, that will provide our partners with the opportunity to debate the issues, network with government officials, and decide on next steps in the process. The next in this series of meetings will be held in late January 2008.

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