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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New City Attorney Named

Denver attorney David Fine was named today as the new city attorney by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. Fine, currently a partner with the firm Kelly, Garnsey, Hubbell, and Lass, replaces Larry Manzanares, who took his own life June 22 after being charged with three felonies in connection with the theft of a laptop computer.

"David Fine has enjoyed an impressive career as a local attorney specializing in civil litigation, employment litigation, constitutional law and election law," Hickenlooper said in a release. "He has represented and advised businesses, individuals, nonprofits and government entities on a broad range of issues relevant to services the City of Denver provides and the people we serve. We look forward to having someone of his experience and expertise join our talented team in the City Attorney's Office."

Fine said he was "honored" to serve the city, singling out his new boss for praise.

"He is a dynamic and innovative leader with a great vision for the City," Fine said in a release. "I share his commitment to excellence in government, and I look forward to working with him and with the first-rate team of attorneys and staff in the City Attorney's Office. Together, we will continue to ensure the highest possible quality of legal counsel and representation for our partners in the City."

Fine will assume his new post Oct. 29.

Prior to joining KGHL, Fine was staff attorney for at the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver. He also worked as an associate at Hill & Robbins. He began his career in 1987 as a law clerk for Colorado Supreme Court Justice George E. Lohr. He served as director of Habitat for Humanity Colorado from 1998 to 2004,

A fourth-generation Coloradan born in Denver, Fine graduated from George Washington High School and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin. He earned his law degree from Northwestern University, graduating cum laude.

The Denver Post


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