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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prison The Beginnning Of A Future

Part 2 of the "Fighting Fires From Prison"
RIFLE, Colorado - Inmate No. 136035 was in for a special treat on this Saturday.

A family visit and a lunch fit for a sumo wrestler.

Inmate No. 136035 is 26-year-old Kentson Grant Avila, who's currently serving an 8-year sentence for a 2004 conviction for drug dealing.

Avila's criminal past was never on his parent's radar. They never had a clue.

To Tammy Spear-Avila and Russ Spear, their son was a typical young adult, struggling in his early 20s trying to find his career path.

What they didn't know was their son had already chosen a career. Kentson Grant Avila was a very successful drug dealer in the Montrose area.

Life was good. Lots of money, drugs and a lifestyle filled with excitement, nice clothes and a little danger.

A better life
Today, Kentson says life is better. Which is strange to say, since he is now inmate 136035.

"I needed to come to prison," he says without a smile. "I was doing some bad things out there."

He was living the life of a drug dealer, which he embraced with gusto, greed and arrogance.

Goals were like the smoke from a meth pipe, quickly vanishing, barely worth consideration.

There was only one dream. Talking about his troubled past from the visitation area at the Rifle Correction Center, he smiles, an almost embarrassed smile and says, "I wanted to be the next Pablo Escobar."

Even for a small-town guy like Kentson Avila, wanting to be like the notorious Colombian drug lord, sometimes called the King of Cocaine and featured in the 2001 movie "Blow," the dream had a romantic and powerful appeal. That appeal was based in self-indulgence, power, love of money and influence over his circle of acquaintances and customers. He provided drugs, therefore he was special. In the people who surrounded him, he had respect.

Avila flaunted his drug dealing with an untouchable arrogance.

"I never thought I'd get caught in a million years," he says. "Now, I look back at how careless and open I was about it. It's a wonder I didn't get caught before.
"I hid it well from the people I wanted to hide it from (like his parents), but for everyone else, I flaunted it."
Valley News


Anonymous said...

Question?? Is this guy in our country legally?? What was his education level when he was incarcerated?? djw

Anonymous said...

Kentson was born in Colorado. To Tammy Avila, and Kent Avila(deceased) of Hotchkiss, Colorado. He went to college in Oklahoma for his AA in business. When he graduated he moved back to Colorado. He is my best friend. and a person that changed my life.

Anonymous said...

I knew him a while back and hope to know him in the future. He was a good friend as well as an all around cool guy; very relaxed. Gave me a place to stay and a 'job'. It was a good time, living from line to line to hit to drink to line (repeat), life was not-suprisingly very good. Of course drug use and conscience eventually caught up to me; Things got out of hand (obviously). I moved away asking myself 'wtf ever happened to Kentson??', i missed my friend, not his drugs. Kentson was always a smart guy. unfortunantly just as arrogant.

stoops said...

I know the old Kentson, or kent, very well. We went to high school together, but never became friends till we wet to the same college. The guy is very smart, always a step ahead (or so he thought obviously). If he is half as smart with a legal career,as he was with his prior career he is destined for great things. I hope to get back in contact with the guy. we had great times together.

Anonymous said...