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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two ADA's Targe In Master's Probe

The Denver Post - Colorado attorney regulators are moving forward with an ethical-misconduct case against the former Larimer County assistant district attorneys who prosecuted Tim Masters, according to a source close to the 8-month-old inquiry.

Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair, now district judges in the same county, face "at a minimum" public admonishment for violations of professional standards, the source said. The Office for Attorney Regulation, a division of the state Supreme Court, is expected to release specific findings of its investigation in early to mid-September.

Tim Masters' conviction — for Peggy Hettrick's 1987 murder in Fort Collins — was vacated this year following revelations that the prosecution withheld evidence favorable to Masters' innocence claim. Also, advanced DNA analysis found none of Masters' genetic material on Hettrick's clothing.

The judges, through their Denver attorney, Craig Truman, declined to comment.

If Gilmore and Blair contest the alleged violations, the case could go to a hearing before a judge or panel. They also could reach a settlement by accepting certain findings.

"For the integrity of the criminal justice system, at the very least a public censure needs to happen," said Masters attorney David Wymore, who said he has not been informed of the inquiry's findings.

Absent any direct physical evidence linking Masters to the homicide, the former prosecutors relied on a psychologist's theory that Masters' teen art renderings reflected a rehearsal fantasy to kill Hettrick. Last year, Wymore and a special prosecution team discovered that information disputing that theory, including a former FBI profiler's comments, were kept from Masters' original attorneys before his 1999 conviction.

The Denver Post


Anonymous said...

Just one more example of the total lack of the regard for the US Constitution by the entire justice system in Colorado. Each and every level believes that they are above the law that the "politicians" put on them. They feel they are dealing with the scum of society, and thus justify their unconstitutional actions.mpc

Anonymous said...

These people talk of integrity??? The whole system of criminal justice in Colorado needs an overhaul. The first thing that has to happen is they al, (cops, attorneys, judges, DA's, DOC guards and executives have to quit, LYING. Start telling the truth only. There has to be a system put in place that will hold all accountable for there actions. The attorney regulation counsel does nothing, nor does the Judges dicipline committee. The press prints very little of all the wrong doing going on. They are all a bunch of hyprocrites hiding behind a broken belief that they have imunity because they work for the government???
As stated by MPC, the system justifys there unconstitutional actions because they deal with the scum of society??? What has to happen is the legislature must re-write the laws governing the attorney regulation board and the judges diciline committee and put some teeth into the way they do buisness. Cant be anymore good ole boys on the committees. There has to be real dicipline with penaltys. I suggest the penaltys be the same laws as all we citizens are subject to.djw

Anonymous said...