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Friday, December 19, 2008

Budget Shortfall

Can CSP II be stopped now?

Major cuts in state services are likely after the non-partisan Legislative Council released an economic forecast Friday projecting that the state general fund will fall $604 million short of revenue this year.

Ritter's Office of State Planning and Budgeting projected a far smaller shortfall of roughly $77 million, but the Joint Budget Committee typically relies on numbers from the Legislative Council. OSPB director Todd Saliman said he will sit down with Legislative Council leaders to try to determine why his projected budget gap is so much smaller.

In the meantime, though, legislative leaders already are mulling ways to cut out some 8 percent of the general-fund budget — in half a year. Those changes could be as drastic as not opening an huge new prison that is being built in Fremont County, said Rep. Buffie McFadyen, D-Pueblo West.

Rocky Mountain News


Anonymous said...

"Soft on Crime" and Public Safety are themes that the legislature will not cut. They are willing to mortgage our grandchildren's possible incomes in order to build this totally unnecessary new CSP II prison. They do not have the political will to buck the prison industrial complex.
It is interesting to see that the City of Denver is trying to negotiate with their public safety personnel. That will only go as far as stopping new hires or cutting new hire salaries, but not one dollar of benefits or salaries of current officers. The city will end up cutting libraries and any non-safety departments - parks, recreation, public works, street sweeping, new cars, equipment, anything but safety.mpc

Anonymous said...

public safety my ass,this is a scam and we taxpayers foot the bill for there lies...

Anonymous said...

Uh-huh. Anything that is educational and cultural will be cut. Well, well now. We wouldn't want to have anything that are positive influences on our society to cut into the court and prison budget, right? ... Deception at work! Keep check on this one!

As for Rep. Buffie McFadyen, she is the very best public official, considering her progressive stances on reducing recidivism, providing rehabilitation instead of more incarcerations, excessive sentencings, "F" on the Family and their practices of selling children through politics (are you listening CCJJ re-entry???) and ousting private prisons. If only everyone could think like her, Colorado would be a far better state.

Anonymous said...

Officials of state government are not recognizing the seriousness of the recession of the past 2 years which is now sliding towards depression. Look at all the deflation of the value of everything. Right now our officials should 1st cut there own salarys by 20 percent, and make a real effort to release all the non violent offenders from the colo prisons, (there isnt a public safety issue) then only keep the violent prisoners incarcerated. Turn a couple of the closed prisons into, one a facility for mental health and a second to treat people with drug addictions. Tell the courts to quit trying to make everyone a felon??? djw

Anonymous said...