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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DOC 2009-2010 Budget Briefing


There isn't an Executive Summary but there are some interesting conclusions and recommendations.


Anonymous said...

This pdf read like a yearly Walmart budget briefing. The inmates are the commodities.

So. What is the interesting conclusion? Is it that the rate of money being exchanged in the system is more money for the corrupted in greed and spirit? I can see the wringing of hands in glee over the increase in bank accounts among a few.

Lies. Pinnochio's nose is strangling Colorado.

Anonymous said...

This budget is a joke?? What company spends 33 percent of its gross on adminstration?? That money should be being spent on inmate programs.
Then on the issue of parole, it states, 30 percent of inmates returning are on technical violations!!! To stop this you merely take away the parole officers right to send the parolee back without a hearing in a court of law.
Next i dont see where DOC has included funds to pay for the many lawsuits filed against the guards for all the civil rights violations, like the rape of female inmates that seems to go on all the time. Also the many in prison charges against inmates that go on without proper hearings, which steal there good time and prevent parole.
Last, if Colorado legislature doesnt clean up the DOC operation this session by taking control of the budget, release more people on parole, by cleaning up the parole board and parole officers who send parolee's back on technical violations, quit building prisons, put the money into mental health and educational programs, the public will need to do it for them, starting with an audit by a private firm for a group of citizens. The bloated budget of DOC breeds corruption at all levels and its the INMATE who is suffering. It has to stop. Please join our class action lawsuit in January.djw

Anonymous said...

So approximately 25% of the inmate population is housed in private facilities because DOC doesn't have room for them. How's this for a solution. 1.) Get rid of private prison industry lobbiest.
2.) Form a citizens review committee for all CO inmates within 5 years of their release date (no judicary or law inforcement, as they are brainwashed). 3.) Skim 25% of those inmates off the top according to behavior records and least amount of need for rehabilitative services and release them to families. This for the 1st year. In year two start addressing those inmates with rehabilitative needs with the savings from the 25% released in year one.

Anonymous said...

Remember also - the families of these inmates are suffering also. We put as much funds into the system so our loved ones can be provided with canteen NEEDS and exorbitant telephone charges to keep communication going. Then there are the prices of visitation. Fuel, wear and tear, and those outrageous vending machine prices. All of this is taken from the families to provide for our incarcerated loved ones so the bond and emotional/spiritual support stay as strong as possible for those personally concerned.

Personally, our costs average a bit over $300.00 a month in personal spending on a 100% disabled army veteran's paycheck (I am the full time caretaker of my vet husband)- the father of the inmate. Yes, El Paso county judge. You know who you are. Keep the domino effect of suffering by continuously knocking people down to satisfy your arrogance. When does the shattering of lives take a reverse course towards active reform???

***djw*** I would like to know more about your class action suit. Just like Walmart got it good (lawsuit), so should this system.

And ... no thanks for seeing the immense damage to an honorably discharged veteran who served YOU and won't get to spend time with his 24-year-young son again due to his fragile illnesses and an egotistical, exaggerated sentence by a disengaged judicial lynching. Are you enjoying the cruelty?

I'm in. Let me know djw.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too! We put up $30,000 against our home for an appeals lawyer. Quoting a state public defender regarding appeals "the same judge who imposes the sentence is the one who determines whether to grant relief." How's that for a fair approach!!! No prejudice there would ya say? I think the prejudice is so great it can be called CONSPIRACY! Especially if the judge and prosecutor are the same team as on the Tim Master's case. And yes travel to the outposts and providing money to inmates averages my sons family $300 a month. He can only have visits twice a year as we live 1000's of miles away. My business recently collapsed and the B.court will be taking my home because I can't pay that mortgage and I have no savings or job. Yes, the 62 year old woman is ready for a class action.

Anonymous said...

djw. We are only a few among many who have spoken out. The many who are silent will join.

Please provide a link. This will further the cause.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, don't know how to provide a link. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

plain jane:

It is the URL to the website that you wish to pass forward.



Click it on and it sends you directly to the site. The URL you are on is always at the very top of each page in your browser.

Anonymous said...

plain jane:

In THIS case, the link does not automatically redirect you. So, just copy it in the browser (very top). Delete the present one, then copy the new http:// information.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Here is a petition that has been online since October to end mandatory parole in Colorado. Please sign it! Also post the lawsuit information somewhere so we can all join and also post the information on the JPay family forum and also on prisontalk.com. Email it to me if necessary and I will get the word out. Thanks!


Anonymous said...