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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gun Buy Back Postponed

A snafu in a gun buy back and anti-violence rally set for Saturday at City Park has forced organizers to postpone the event.

Denver park officials said organizers obtained a permit for the anti-violence part of their program. But the city forbids firearms in any park.

"It's one of our rules," said Kevin Patterson, Denver's manager of parks and recreation.

Alvertis Simmons, an event organizer, said the rally was the subject of media reports and that he explicity told city officials it would include a gun buy back program. Organizers were offering gun owners $50 in exchange for each firearm.

But, Simmons said, no one from the city told him it would be illegal to hold the gun buy back at the park until Friday.

Simmons and organizers have decided to postpone the rally until Dec. 27, when it will be held at the New Covenant Christian Church, 825 Ivanhoe St.

Rocky Mountain News


Anonymous said...

The issue at hand is a joke. The city is violating the 14th and the 2nd amendment with there silly ordinance. If a gun is illegal in the city park, take them away from the cops!! Also whats with having to buy a permit to hold an event in a city park?? Do not the taxpayers own the park. Denver government smells comunistic!!djw

Anonymous said...

Not only do the cops bring guns into the parks, they park where parking is not allowed. They drive across the sprinkler heads because they are too lazy to get their butts out of their cars. It is the continual attitude by the cops that they are above all laws.
Try to arrest a cop sometime! I was a finance director and the city manager put himself as police chief and he violated several municipal codes and state laws. I attempted to arrest him, as provided by the US Constitution and guess what, I was fired and thrown out of city hall.
Several years later several city council members came to me and appologized. He got fired for various violations of city, state, and federal laws, and embezzlement, but was never prosecuted??

Anonymous said...