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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Westminster Cops Silent On Shooting

The Denver Post

Westminster police are withholding details about a three-hour pursuit of stolen-car suspect early Monday that eventually left one person shot to death inside an apartment near where the chase began.

The man has not been identified. No officers were injured.

Police won't say whether the dead man is the same person who fled from officers in a stolen GMC Yukon starting about 1 a.m. at West 72nd Avenue and Federal Boulevard.

The driver later crashed through police cars in a restaurant parking lot under a hail of gunfire, before ditching the SUV about 2 miles away in Arvada about 3:10 a.m., saidWestminster police investigator Wayne Read.

An hour later, officers entered an apartment in the block where the chase began, but
police aren't elaborating.

A man inside was shot after he presented what police called "a deadly threat," but Read said he could not say what that threat was or whether the man had a weapon.

Investigators have not said whether they are looking for others involved in the Yukon's theft or the chase.


Anonymous said...

Is this another assasination or what??? Why arent there facts given and also the names of the investigators or police. Isnt this public information?djw

Anonymous said...

i know how that ,westminster police almost killed me after my chase and they kept jumping up and down on my head trying to squish my brains out all over the street ..
i went to the intensive care unit and they got away with an attempted killing as for i was hand cuffed and not resisting but they wanted to kill me.....
someday they will get what they deserve...


Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately, they will not get what they deserve. Law enforcement officers are held accountable or punishable for virtually nothing. How often to officers act inapproproiately; and how often are they called to task or properly punished? I NEVER see them come up on the criminal charges that would be brought on a private citizen for comparable screw ups. They are above the law. My further understanding on this incident is that the person who was shot to death was not the suspect they were chasing.

Anonymous said...

If this incident is swept under the rug, it becomes time for we citizens to give the authorities one chance to come clean. If they dont its time for them to all give up there pay checks, pensions and answer charges against them all for covering up crimes and violating human rights. I think we may need to take the guns, tasers and all there toys away until they can prove to the public they will start acting responsibly. djw