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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lawyer Alleges Cover Up In Jail Death

After settling a wrongful-death suit against Denver Health Medical Center for $4 million this week, the family of Emily Rice began applying pressure on the city of Denver to settle a similar case.

At a news conference in front of the Denver City and County building today, lawyers for Rice's family accused Denver officials of engaging in a widespread coverup to deny responsibility for Rice's jailhouse death.

While lawyer Darold Killmer lauded Denver Health, he said the attitude of Denver officials has been far different.

"The City and County of Denver has not stepped forward to accept any accountability, any responsibility, or any acknowledgment of the harm," said Killmer.

"There has been a significant coverup. There have been so-called investigations which were designed to whitewash the problem," added Killmer. "Every investigation officially launched by the city of which we are aware has been designed to help them defend themselves rather than to find the truth."

The Denver Post


ms_saul said...

Don't you find this slightly amusing? The lawyer settles a $4 million suit and then expects the city to acknowledge any potential liability whatsoever? I know, it's a lawyer, lawyers tend to do a lot of posturing. But still, I have to wonder how the lawyer can say it with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers are the ones making out in this suit happy society. He worked on the case and probably got a 40% take, $1.6M. City and big company tactics have always been to postpone and deny until the suing party finally gives up. WE end up paying for these costs with higher medical premiums and taxes.

Anonymous said...

What about the victim and there familys. The attorney is right about the delaying, stonewalling and white washing tactics to hide the truth. DJW

Anonymous said...

Amusing? Do you even know what this case is about? Do a little research about why exactly the city is being sued and see if you still find it funny.