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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tim Masters Update: The Case Of The Missing Bracelet

“The bracelet is of extreme evidentiary value to us, and its whereabouts are unknown.”

—Defense attorney David Wymore, Nov. 6, 2006

Until just days ago, Tom Hettrick had no idea how important his sister’s bracelet truly was.

A family heirloom, the wide solid-gold band with intricate etched designs was bought in North Africa by their mother and passed down after her death to Tom’s sister, Peggy. Peggy Hettrick was wearing it on her left wrist when she was brutally murdered and mutilated on Feb. 11, 1987.

It’s one of the few tangible mementos Tom Hettrick has of his sister. It could also be one of the few remaining clues that could identify her killer.

Tom Hettrick said he had no idea until last week that the bracelet, carefully locked away in his home with other family treasures, has been sought since 2006 by lawyers and DNA experts who believe it may hold the key to solving his sister’s 21-year-old murder.

In a hearing on Nov. 6, 2006, defense lawyers argued that potential DNA on the bracelet could prove that Tim Masters, the man convicted of Peggy Hettrick’s murder in 1999 and sentenced to life in prison, was innocent. During the hearing, Masters’ lawyers argued for the release of the victim’s clothing and personal items so that they could be tested for microscopic skin-cell evidence left behind by her killer.

The bracelet—which Masters’ lawyer David Wymore once called a “DNA magnet” that was more likely than any other piece of evidence to have scraped off skin-cell DNA from the murderer—posed a special problem, however. It had been returned to the Hettrick family along with several other personal items, even though the case was still open at the time and no suspects had been arrested. Most of the other items that had been returned were retrieved by the police before Masters’ trial, but the bracelet was missing.

Or so it was believed.

In fact, it was in Tom Hettrick’s Fort Collins home the entire time, locked in his late father’s steel briefcase along with other valuables and keepsakes. And, he said, the case’s lead investigator and the chief prosecutor at Masters’ trial knew he had it.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Hettrick is a customer and friend of mine. I have been waiting on him for over a year.
I didn't know Peggy was his sister until 2 weeks ago. He comes in for some coffee and pie, and he happens to mention that he will be on 48 hours.
Huuh? I ask,why? He looks at his buddy, and he says should I tell her? His friend says tell her.
Tom will be on TV near the end of the month to discuss the murder of his sister Peggy.
I don't know much about the case, but what I have heard,it's not looking good for the good guys. I believe Tim Masters was wronged, way, way wronged.
Can I say bastards? Judge Gilmore, hmmmm I knew there was something evil about him. It's not just because he sent me to prison either. He lied to me, as he lied to cover up for his sexually perverted friend, the Eye Doctor that killed Peggy ( my opinion )and then later killed himself. I think it's a brotherhood thing, if you know what I mean. I better post as anonymous, I don't trust the men in power, here in FT.Collins, or the World!
P.S. I have some inside stuff on the Doc,he was found toatlly naked, all his body hair was shaved off. He had a sort of belt on his waist, with a knife strapped to it. He also as you may know, had cams set up in his eye care office bathroom! 200? tapes were found! The doc did it, and the judge and others need to be punished and made to suffer like Tim had too! Bastards!

Anonymous said...


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