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Thursday, May 29, 2008

SAFER Needs Your Help


The Denver Marijuana Policy Review Panel appointed by Mayor John
Hickenlooper has officially recommended that the Denver City
Attorney's Office STOP prosecuting adults for marijuana possession in


It is critical that we demonstrate the strong sentiment of the public
in favor of implementing this recommendation. You can help bring about
change in how Colorado's capitol city handles marijuana by taking just
one or two minutes to send a message to Denver city officials urging
them to support and/or follow this recommendation.

You do NOT need to live in Denver OR Colorado to lend your voice to
this effort!


OPTION #1: Copy & Paste

Step 1: Open a blank e-mail

Step 2: Copy and paste the following address list, subject, and
message into your e-mail

Step 3: Hit send!

Address list:

milehighmayor@ci.denver.co.us, city.attorney@denvergov.org,
rick.garcia@ci.denver.co.us, jeanne.faatz@ci.denver.co.us,
paul.lopez@ci.denver.co.us, peggy.lehmann@ci.denver.co.us,
marcia.johnson@ci.denver.co.us, charlie.brown@ci.denver.co.us,
chris.nevitt@gmail.com, carla.madison@ci.denver.co.us,
judy.montero@ci.denver.co.us, jeanne.robb@ci.denver.co.us,
michael.hancock@ci.denver.co.us, carol.boigon@ci.denver.co.us,

Subject: Support Mayor's panel recommendation

Message: (Be sure to include your name and address if you reside in

I am writing to encourage you to support the implementation of the
first recommendation of the Denver Marijuana Policy Review Panel.

The majority of the panel approved the recommendation, which calls
for the Denver City Attorney's Office to adopt an official policy to
no longer prosecute cases of private adult marijuana possession.

The Marijuana Policy Review Panel was appointed by the mayor to
implement the "lowest law enforcement priority" ordinance approved by
Denver voters to the greatest extent possible, and this recommendation
would bring about the changes the majority of voters wish to see.
Denver voters have made it clear they do not think adults 21 and
older should be punished simply for possessing a drug less harmful
than alcohol, and it is my understanding that the Denver City
Attorney's Office is able to refrain from prosecuting in such cases.
Thus, I hope you will urge that office to follow the recommendation.

In Missoula, Mont., where a similar "lowest law enforcement
priority" initiative was adopted in 2006, the Missoula County
Attorney's Office adopted an official policy to uphold the new
ordinance and stop prosecuting in cases of simple adult marijuana
possession. Seattle and a number of California cities have also
adopted "lowest priority" ordinances and experienced a decline in
prosecutions for marijuana possession. Like the people in those
cities, Denver citizens are ahead of the curve when it comes to
reforming marijuana laws and policies, and we too can take a more
common-sense approach to marijuana use by adults.

Although marijuana possession is only punishable by a $100-$200 fine
in Denver, it is important that you understand the detrimental effect
a marijuana arrest can have on an individual. Everyone who pays their
citation (and thus pleads guilty) receives a permanent drug conviction
on their criminal record; people can lose their jobs, college
financial aid, professional licenses, public housing benefits, and
more; and those on parole or probation could find themselves in one
of our already overcrowded jails or prisons.

For those reasons and more, the voter-approved ordinance was
endorsed by the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, the ACLU of Colorado,
the National Lawyers Guild Colorado Chapter, the Rocky Mountain Peace
and Justice Center, the Libertarian Party of Colorado, the Green Party
of Colorado, ProgressNow Action, and Sensible Colorado, among others.

I hope you will join these organizations, the majority of Denver
voters, and me in standing up for a more rational approach to adult
marijuana possession in Denver.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration and I look
forward to hearing where you stand on the panel's recommendation.

OPTION #2: Get Personal

Send a personalized version of the above message to the mayor, the
city attorney, the council president, your council members (don't
forget the two at-large members), or all of the above. You can also
give them a quick phone call with a similar message.

Please be courteous and be sure to include your name and address if
you reside in Denver. If you reside outside of Denver or in another
state we encourage you to mention you hold Denver's progress on this
issue in high esteem and hope it serves as an example for your city
or town.

Mayor John Hickenlooper - milehighmayor@ci.denver.co.us

- 720-865-9090

City Attorney David Fine - city.attorney@denvergov.org

- 720-865-8600

Councilman Rick Garcia - rick.garcia@ci.denver.co.us

- 303-458-4792

Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz - jeanne.faatz@ci.denver.co.us

- 303-763-8562

Councilman Paul Lopez - paul.lopez@ci.denver.co.us

- 303-922-7755

Councilwoman Peggy Lehmann - peggy.lehmann@ci.denver.co.us

- 303-504-5781

Councilwoman Marcia Johnson - http://marcia.johnson@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-355-4615

Councilman Charlie Brown - http://charlie.brown@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-871-0601

Councilman Chris Nevitt - http://chris.nevitt@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-865-8900

Councilwoman Carla Madison - http://carla.madison@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-298-7641

Councilwoman Judy Montero - http://judy.montero@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-458-8960

Councilwoman Jeanne Robb - http://jeanne.robb@ci.denver.co.us
- 303-377-1807

Council President Michael Hancock -
- 303-331-3872

Councilwoman Carol Boigon - http://carol.boigon@ci.denver.co.us
- 720-865-8100

Councilman Doug Linkhart - http://linkhartatlarge@ci.denver.co.us
- 720-865-8000

Spread the Word

After you've taken action and contacted Denver city officials, please
be sure to forward this message to any friends, family, coworkers, or
others who might also be interested in taking action in support of
marijuana policy reform.

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