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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Officers Face Departmental Charges In Sean Bell Killing

Seven New York City police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell, including three detectives who were acquitted in a criminal trial, were formally accused on Tuesday of breaking Police Department rules in the case.

The department said that the officers violated the internal policy manual in a variety of ways, including improperly firing their guns and failing to process the crime scene after Mr. Bell was killed and his two friends injured in a storm of 50 bullets.

The three detectives who stood trial in the case — Detectives Gescard F. Isnora, Michael Oliver and Marc Cooper — were charged with “discharging their firearms outside of department guidelines,” said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. Detective Isnora was also charged with taking enforcement action while working as an undercover officer instead of letting officers who were present, and not working undercover, take control.

New york Times


Anonymous said...

Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

Anonymous said...

Its always the same mumbo jumbo where ever a policeman is involved with shooting some one, or beating some one. There is always the departmental guideline?? Was the guy armed??? Did he fire on the officers??? If not i say put all the cops on trial for murder same as a citizen who kills someone.Pretty much common sense.DJW

Anonymous said...

Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.