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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prison Guard Who Sexually Assualted Woman In Jail

DENVER - A guard who used to watch the jail, was in jail this week, after being charged with having a sexual affair with a female inmate, then repeatedly missing his court hearings.

The sex behind bars is a crime in itself for former Sgt. Leshawn Terrell, but it's not half as shocking as the charges contained in the inmate's lawsuit against the guard, filed this month.

Police first charged the Terrell in 2006 for the sexual relationship.

And now an inmate at the Denver Women's Correction Facility, who's name we have chosen not to use, is telling her story in a Federal law suit, claiming Terrell made her a "virtual sex slave"; coerced her into repeatedly having sex with him in the kitchen cooler over the course of five months in exchange for coffee, stamps and money; and then sexually assaulted her so savagely, the inmate sustained internal injuries according to her lawyer.

"She's been assaulted in ways that are so inhumane and so offensive we can't talke about them on tv," Mari Newman told us.

What's more, she says, her client wasn't alone.

"What I've learned after the filing, I've got many many e-mails about other similar cases, and this is a problem system wide in the Colorado Department of Corrections," Newan said.
Fox News


Anonymous said...

Hoohray Mr. Newman of fox news. Where have you and all the other newsmen been these past 4 or 5 years. You better be reporting on this corrupt mess in the CDOC. There has been many cases at DWCF by a lot more than 1 guard. Most of the inmates that were raped are put in AD-SEG to hide them away, then later charged by some trumped up in house charge and kept in prison with the aid of the Denver DA's office. DOC is assisted by the Inspector Generals office and the Denver police dept with false reports. There are probably a dozen women still stuck in prison who cant seem to get paroled. I call it a cover up and Ari Zavares knows it. DJW

Anonymous said...

rape the cops...............

cr8zaz said...

i think the denver county jail womens wing which is right next to doc has the same issues. approx 50 women have told me of such crimes. it seems at denver county the cleaning/storage closet is famous where this goes on.

Anonymous said...

Finally things are opening up!!!