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Monday, April 23, 2007

Action Alert - Record Sealing Bill and Parolee Voting

HB 1107 (The Record Sealing Bill)
Call or Email Senate Judiciary Committee Members
Hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee -- Wednesday April 25
1:30 P.M. Senate Committee Room 352

Last week, the Record Sealing Bill (HB-1107) was strongly passed out of the
House on a 46-18-1 vote!! Voting in favor were 37 Democrats and 9 Republicans.
HB 1107 is sponsored by Senator Bob Bacon in the Senate and has been scheduled
for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee for 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 25th.

Here’s what you can do to help.

1. Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge their support of HB 1107.
2. If you would like to testify in support of HB 1107, please contact Christie at CCJRC.
There was incredibly powerful testimony before the House Judiciary Committee,
particularly by those who had criminal records from a while ago and spoke to
how difficult it has been to find employment and housing. Many Representatives commented on how influential this testimony was on their decision to vote in favor.

It is time for the final push on this bill to get through the Senate! Let’s keep the powerful momentum going.

WHAT THE BILL DOES -- Colorado law does not allow a person with a criminal conviction
to seal their record – regardless of the nature of the criminal conviction, the length of time since the conviction, or evidence of rehabilitation. Even after people have completed their sentence
and been law abiding for years or even decades, they are forever stigmatized by having a criminal record. Even minor offenses, committed many years ago, can prevent someone from
obtaining housing and meaningful employment or advancement in their career field.

The possibility of being able to seal a criminal record is a strong and real incentive for a person to turn his/her life around. HB 1107 would allow people convicted of select crimes to petition the Court to seal a criminal record after they completed their sentence and been offense free for 10 years.

· Convictions for some crimes would not be eligible to be sealed including:

Class 1 or 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses or class A or B traffic infractions, DUI/DWAI,
sexual offenses, domestic violence, offense involving a pregnant women or convictions
for crimes involve aggravating circumstances, high risk, or special offender sentencing enhancements. The Court does not have to order the sealing. The Court is required to balance
the privacy rights of the petitioner against the public’s right to know on a case by case basis.
For offenses committed before July 1, 2007, the District Attorney will have
to agree before the Court can order the record sealed. Law enforcement will always have access to any sealed record. The petitioner must have paid all of the fines, fees, costs and restitution ordered in the criminal case. The petitioner will also pay a filing fee that is sufficient to cover the cost of the proceeding.

We need your help, your voice makes all the difference!

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee --

Senator Bob Bacon (Sponsor)
Democrat /Larimer
Cap: 303-866-4841
E-mail: bob.bacon.senate@state.co.us

Senator Betty Boyd
Jefferson County/Democrat
Cap: 303-866-4857
E-mail: betty.boyd.senate@state.co.us

Senator Shawn Mitchell
Cap: 303-866-4876
E-mail: shawn.mitchell.senate@state.co.us

Senator John Morse (Vice Chairman)
El Paso/Democrat
Cap: 303-866-6364
E-mail: john.morse.senate@state.co.us

Senator Scott Renfroe
Cap: 303-866-4451
E-mail: scott.renfroe.senate@state.co.us

Senator Brandon Shaffer (Chairman)
Cap: 303-866-5291
E-mail: Brandon@brandonshaffer.com

Senator Steve Ward
Republican/Arapahoe, Jefferson
303-866- 4846

SB 83 Update (Election Reform, including parolee voting)

Last week, SB 83 was heard in the House State, Veterans,
and Military Affairs Committee. The bill was laid over for a vote for
Tuesday (4/24) at 1:30pm in the House Committee Room 0112.
Please contact the committee members listed below.

The Committee will not be taking any more public testimony.

Committee Chair: Representative Paul Weissmann (SB 83 House Sponsor)

Committee Vice-Chair: Representative Nancy Todd

Rep. Bill Cadman
Republican/El Paso

Rep. Terrance Carroll

Rep. Edward Casso,
303-866-2964 (no email)

Rep. Rafael Gallegos

Rep. Cheri Jahn

Rep. Jeanne Labuda

Rep. Kent Lambert
Republican/El Paso

Rep. Larry Liston
Republican/El Paso

Rep. Kevin Lundberg

HB 1313 (the Identity Bill) has made it through the Capitol and is on the Governor's desk!!

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