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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Juvenile Detention Guard Gets Sentenced

It's not just happening in Texas...

A former security guard at a juvenile detention center was sentenced to three years in prison Monday for sexual assault on a child and unlawful sex in a penal institution.

Heather Robbins, 30, had a sexual relationship with a 16- year-old boy who was serving time at the center.

Robbins pleaded guilty on Jan. 29. After prison, she will face between 10 years and a lifetime of intensive supervised probation.

Rocky Mountain News


Anonymous said...

I know Ms. Robbins. She was my guard and treatment facilitator while I was incarcerated at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, during the same time that said had occured. I refuse to believe that these allegations against her are true. Heather cared about the young men that were under her care. Never was she known to be inappropriate with anyone or do anything that violated any trusts between her and the incarcerated youth. I do know the young man as well, and for a fact that the young man in question was a known compulsive liar and manipulator to get what he wanted out of the system. He had miscontsrued a mental and emotional bond to Ms. Robbins after periods of counsel that she had given him after his violent outbreaks, where he was placed in an isolation cell for days at a time. Which wasn't uncommon for Ms. Robbins to do since that was her job. She had counseled me through numerous rough times during my stay there. She was one of the few people there that I felt that I could trust to help me through any issue I had. Never did I ever observe Ms. Robbins to be inappropriate with anyone. I also know that in the past there had been previous staff at this facility who's reputations and lives were jeopordized due to false allegations and rumors. Some of those lives had been ruined to such an atrocity. When staff members in such a facility don't give into a youth's wants, it is not uncommon that youth would conspire, sometimes alone or in with efforts with other youth, to have staff members fired for like allegations. Look at the State of Colorado State Personnel Board Case No. 2003B112 , Complaintant -Frances Moore Vs. Respondant -Department of Human Services, Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center. Here is the link to the public information from that hearing.


A clear case of an incarcerated youth's personal vendetta against said Complaintant. I urge the press and the public to look further into this matter. In hopes that a good and honest woman, who only cared about the well-being of those youth at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, that she worked so hard to help rehabiliate, that she made her career of doing so and based her life on that same principle. Please, I urge you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: This is not unusual, the staff would rather keep all children there instead of seeing them out in the public like their suppose too, they would rather bring up bogus charges on a child just to keep recieveing payments from the state, they need to close that facility... and Investigate everyone...

Anonymous said...

Speaking with some children from Look Out Mountain, they all have agreed that they are being charged with things that they would never do, and apparently this isn't the first time..They are scared to death of being charged everytime they speakup or speak out of sorts to anyone.And as A Social Worker, its our job to stop this from happening to our children.

Michael said...

I was a juvinile there at lookout mountain though it has been several years i have recovered and I am now in college doing better. if it werent for the workers there i would probable be back in jail, or in trouuble. it wouldnt pass me if something like that happened. But believe me when i say this there is no way that could of happened. Also even if it did no one can force u to do anything u dont want to. There program is very nice and I liked the way they ran things there and i hope the workers there now continue to do a good job to help those that are there now and in the future like they helped me. For those who helped me straighten my life thank u very much I am very greatful.