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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SAME Cafe -- So ALL May Eat

Some stories just need to be told, the people that run the SAME cafe should be given medals. I know I'm going out of my way to stop by, just to support the effort.

On a little concrete patch of one of Denver's grittiest avenues, Hunter Dragon is back for his daily taste of a miracle. The 25-year- old musician ("I'm a troubadour") who seems equal parts beard, stocking cap, tattoos, rolled-up pants, intelligence and good vibes is finishing up his lunch at the SAME. Soon, he will pay for his meal the way about half of the clients do - by working it off with a little elbow grease and a measure of dignity.

In Dragon's case, he will wash dishes. He may mop the floor. Doesn't matter. What does matter is, "You get this sense of self- worth here. It's like you earn your keep.

"The whole concept of this place - that a musician like me without much money could come eat and not be looked down on - is just so cool. I was giddy when I heard about it, just blown away."

Rocky Mountain News article

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Anonymous said...

well just letting you know my mom from california sent me this article from the LA Times on your restaurant and I am thrilled that there is a restaurant like this for anyone and everyone. I come from a heritage of bakers and fine cooks and half way believe that many problems can be corrected with the right food and sleep. We will be coming soon to eat and support your endeavors. God bless your work and thank you!