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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

House Bill 1107 - The Record Sealing Bill Passes

The Senate Judiciary passed HB 1107 unanimously today after listening to compelling testimony from several different witnesses who explained how their lives would be changed for the better with the passage of the record sealing bill. We would like to thank everyone who testified and those who submitted testimony but couldn't be there. We would also like to thank Maureen Cain from the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar for her tireless efforts and Senator Bob Bacon and Representative Mike Cerbo for carrying this bill.

HB 1107 goes on to Senate Appropriations next. We will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

If this bill passes my son will get his life back. He made some bad choices with drug use when he was a young adult and at the age of 31 has paid his debt to society, but cannot get a job. I think for some crimes this bill makes sense. THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes, and some can haunt a person for a lifetime! This bill gives people the chance to make a difference in their own lives!

About criminal records, opposing Senator, Steve Johnson was quoted saying, "...the people who are using that information should be trusted to have the judgment to determine if something that happened 10 years ago is relevant or not."

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. People make judgments against other people based on these records, even if the person in question has been an upstanding citizen ever since their conviction. I should know, I've been there! Breaking the cycle of criminal activity is paramount to helping convicts to move on with life, and this bill will help to do that!