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Saturday, April 21, 2007

UK - Private Prisons, Drugs, Bribery

The private prison industry isn't just corrupt here in the states, here's an expose from a reporter who went undercover as a guard in a private prison in Britain. Recently, in Virginia, the private prison run by the GEO Corporation was exposed for the same thing.

A prison officer in fear for her life, prisoners with mobile phones, officers on the take - an undercover prison officer blows the whistle on a privately run jail. In a Guardian Films co-production with BBC One's Panorama, a reporter spent five months undercover at HMP Rye Hill in Warwickshire – a Category B jail holding 600 inmates.

Rye Hill is run by GSL (formerly Group 4). Not one new prison built in the last ten years is state run and half the 8000 new prison places promised by the Government will be privately run. But can the private sector really do the job?

To find out, an undercover recruit joined Rye Hill as a trainee and after 13 weeks qualified top of his class. Once on the wings, the undercover recruit saw a prison officer he trained with being openly threatened by inmates for enforcing the rules too rigidly. The escalating intimidation – with one warning sent by a prisoner using a senior prison officer as go-between – put the officer in genuine fear for her life.

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