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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Federal Expungement Bill Introduced

H.R. 623

Sec. 3632. Requirements for expungement for certain Non-violent offenses

    `No individual shall be eligible for expungement under this subchapter unless, before filing a petition under this subchapter, such individual--
      `(1) has never been convicted of a violent offense (including an offense under State law that would be a violent offense if it were Federal) and has never been convicted of a nonviolent offense other than the one for which expungement is sought;
      `(2) has fulfilled all requirements of the sentence of the court in which conviction was obtained, including completion of any term of imprisonment or period of probation, meeting all conditions of a supervised release, and paying all fines;
      `(3) has remained free from dependency on or abuse of alcohol or a controlled substance a minimum of 1 year and has been rehabilitated, to the satisfaction of the court referred to in section 3633(b), if so required by the terms of a supervised release;
      `(4) has obtained a high school diploma or completed a high school equivalency program; and
      `(5) has completed at least one year of community service, as determined by the court referred to in section 3633(b).
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Butch Cassidy said...

There is now an updated version of this bill. H.R. 1529 The Second Chance for Ex-Offenders Act of 2009.

Please Support it!

Anonymous said...

Share this link with all your family and friends - heck, even with strangers. We are the People who elected these People to work for the People. The more noise you make - the better chance you will be heard.