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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not A Good Week For Attorneys

I think it's called theft by receiving...

Denver city attorney Larry Manzanares was put on paid "investigatory" leave Friday after a stolen computer was found in his home, Denver's 7 reported.

Mayor John Hickenlooper put Manzanares on leave after being contacted by Denver's 7.

"We are extremely concerned about the serious issues raised by this situation and the fact that we were not made aware of the investigation until today," Hickenlooper said.

Manzanares told Denver's 7 reporter Tony Kovaleski he had bought the Gateway computer from a man in a parking lot one block south of the City and County Building last month. Rocky article

And this story that was pointed out by Public Defender Blog is just astounding

SACRAMENTO - The California attorney general on Wednesday charged a private investigator with filing bogus documents to aid four death row inmates, calling the case one of the largest frauds ever perpetrated on the state's criminal justice system.

Kathleen Culhane was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Sacramento on 45 felony counts of forgery, filing false documents and perjury.

"This is fraud at the highest level," Michael Farrell, a senior assistant attorney general, said after the arraignment. "This is someone who is trying to undermine the system." Read the article here

...And then there's the sad story of Michael Andre who police found dead in his home after a stand-off in Cherry Creek yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thirty-eight
year old Michael Andre was a well known and well liked attorney who represented people facing drug charges and those who worked in the adult entertainment industry. Rocky article here

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