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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Cleared the First Hurdle

YOU DID IT!!! HB 1313 The Identity Bill
Passed Through the House Energy and Transportation Committee!!

Update on HB 1313 -- Please call your Representative today!!!
HB 1313 The Identity Bill, passed through the House Energy and
Transportation Committee with a vote of 11 Yes votes-0 No's-1-Absentee!!

HB 1313 was introduced by Rep. Rosemary Marshall and testimony in favor
was provided by lawyers, people who couldn't get state IDs, CCJRC, the Colorado
Coalition for the Homeless, and the St. Francis Center.

There were a couple of amendments approved, most notably,
one that was suggested by CCJRC. In the original bill, a DOC ID would only
be accepted by the DMV if the person also had a social security card. CCJRC suggested
that a birth certificate should also be accepted along with the DOC ID as an approved
document when applying for a state driver's license or ID.

The Bill will heads to the full House for second reading.
We will keep you updated as to when that will happen.

Find your representative's contact info by going to http://www.leg.state.co.us and
click on the legislative directory for the House.

Or go to www.votesmart.org and enter in your nine-digit zipcode (if you don't
know what that is you can get it from their website as well.)

Great work by Deb DeBoutez of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
and Linda Olsen from Colorado Legal Services for working so hard for several years
to address this problem. Many thanks to Representative Marshall for taking
the leadership in making the change happen.

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