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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Legislative Update CCJRC



Your action is needed!

It sure has been a whirlwind at the Capitol. The Governor announced that
reducing recidivism is one of his major goals during his tenure and has
already requested over $8million for substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment
and additional community corrections beds to fund his plan. There is also a proposal
to award $14 million of the tobacco funds to substance abuse treatment.

The following is an update on issues important to CCJRC and what you can
do to help. Many thanks to our various coalition partners like the
ACLU (SB 83), the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (HB 1107),
and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (HB 1313) for their leadership.

Item 1.

Save the Date! March 6th at 9:30am at the House Judiciary Committee
Hearing Room, 0112 - Private prison operators will be making a presentation
before the House Judiciary Committee. CCJRC has been allotted 15
minutes to also make a presentation. Please come, if you can
Item 2.
Update on Senate Bill 83 - that, among other things, would allow people on parole to vote.
SB 83 is still waiting to be heard on 2nd reading in the Senate. We'll keep you posted.
If you haven't had a chance to contact your Senator, you still have time.

Item 3.
Update on House Bill 1107 that would allow people to petition the court
to seal a criminal conviction after 10 years of completing the sentence.
HB 1107 was approved by the House Judiciary Committee in a very strong 9-2 vote.
It is now waiting to be scheduled for a hearing in the House Appropriations Committee.
This should happen sometime in March. We'll keep you posted.

Item 4. Please support HB 07-1313.
Identifies what documents
the Department of Revenue is to accept in issuing state identification cards,
including a DOC inmate ID.

Hearing Scheduled in the House Energy and Transportation Committee
Tuesday, February 27th at 1:30pm
House Committee Hearing Room 0107

On February 20, 2007, Representative Rosemary Marshall (D) and
Senator Paula Sandoval (D) introduced HB 07-1313 that lists what documents
the Department of Revenue shall accept in issuing state identification cards.
HB 07-1313 would also require that a Department of Corrections photo
ID be one of the forms of ID that is accepted.

Photo identification has become a necessity in daily life. People need an ID to drive,
obtain employment, open a bank account, rent an apartment, and apply for many social services.
Many homeless people and people recently released from prison find it very difficult,
if not impossible, to get a state ID. Without ID, many people can be denied access
to shelters, motels, clothing closets, food pantries, and certain public benefits.

HB 07-1313 provides clear legislative direction to the Department of Revenue
on the types of documents that should be considered secure and verifiable forms
of identification for obtaining a state ID or driver's license. The documents listed include:
" Passport
" Valid birth certificate and a valid social security card
" Valid driver's license or identification document issued by a state government
" An identify document issued by the department of corrections and a valid social security card
" Documents issued by the U.S. government granting or recognizing the person's immigration, asylum, or refugee status
" Documents recognized by the U.S. government to prove identity

HB07-1313 lists that the following documents or combinations be valid
methods of proving that a person is lawfully present in the United States:
" Passport
" Valid birth certificate and a valid social security card
" Valid driver's license or identification document issued by a state government
" Documents issued by the U.S. government granting or recognizing the person's immigration,
asylum, or refugee status
" Documents recognized by the U.S. government to prove lawful presence

In addition, HB07-1313 authorizes an applicant who is denied a driver's license, permit or
identification card to request a hearing to determine whether the applicant is qualified.
Your support is needed to ensure that Coloradans get the documentation
they need in order to live, work, and maintain their lives here.

Many thanks to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless for their
diligent work on this issue over the past several years. If you have any questions,
contact Deb DeBoutez at 303.285.5220 or ddeboutez@coloradocoalition.org.

Please contact the members of the House Energy and Transportation Committee
for HB07-1313. Phone calls or emails. We can't do this without your help.

Representative Alice Borodkin
District 9 Democrat
Denver/ Arapahoe County
E-mail: aliceb321@aol.com

Representative Gwyn Green
District 23 Democrat
Jefferson County
E-mail: gwyn.green.house@state.co.us

Representative Dan Gibbs
District 56 Democrat
Eagle/Lake/Summit County
E-mail: dan.gibbs.house@state.co.us

Representative Don Marostica
District 51 Republican
Larimer County

Representative Liane "Buffie" McFadyen (committee chair)
District 47 Democrat
Fremont/Pueblo County
E-mail: buffie2006@hotmail.com

Representative Frank McNulty
District 43 Republican
Douglas County

Representative Michael Merrifield
18 District Democrat
El Paso County
E-mail: michael.merrifield.house@state.co.us

Representative Dianne Primavera
District 33 Democrat
Adams/Boulder/Broomfield/Weld County
E-mail: dianne.primavera.house@state.co.us

Representative Joe Rice
District 38 Democrat
Arapahoe/Jefferson County
E-mail: joe.rice.house@state.co.us

Representative Jerry Sonnenberg
District 65 Republican
Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick,Weld
E-mail: jerry.sonnenberg.house@state.co.us

Representative Spencer Swalm
District 37 Republican
Arapahoe County
E-mail: spencer.swalm.house@state.co.us

Representative Glenn Vaad
District 48 Republican
Weld County
E-mail: glenn.vaad.house@state.co.us

Pamela Clifton
Outreach Coordinator
1212 Mariposa St #6

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