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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Will the Death of Ken Gorman Lead to Changes?

"(CBS4) DENVER Police are still searching for a suspect in the murder of marijuana advocate Ken Gorman. He was shot to death at his Denver home Feb. 17 in what police think was a robbery.

Gorman grew pot in his home for himself and others. Just days before his murder, he spoke to CBS4 of the dangers.

"I've had a gun stuck to my head," Gorman said. "I've had people stabbed here, in my house, from people trying to get my marijuana."

Gorman called Colorado's amendment legalizing medical marijuana "a great, great law." The law allows patients and caregivers to grow pot, but makes no provision for secure marijuana dispensaries, like they have in some other states. It leaves it up to the user to find their own.

Medical marijuana patient Dana May said finding it can be dangerous.

"You try your luck down on Colfax and get shot," May said. "Or, get your car hijacked for a $20 bag.""


colin olmstead said...

Ken Gorman was a friend of mine. I obtained a medical marijuana recommendation from a Dr. he recommended me to. I visited Ken at his home countless times through the years.

A recurring theme of every visit was people coming to him asking for money or medical marijuana. I never saw ken hesitate to give whatever was asked of him. I never saw ken ask someone when they could pay him back. He gave without question and he gave often.

Ken sold a very large amount of medical marijuana. He sold it at 25 percent below regular retail. Ken made alot of money from medical marijuana but he lived a frugal existence. He supported relatives and friends by making house and car payments etc for them. He lived in a very small house and drove a very inexpensive car.

Ken gorman believed in what he did and he devoted his life to it. Ken did not take vacations and ken never refused a friend anything they asked. Ken Gorman was a fine man.

You will be missed Ken



Anonymous said...

On the first anniversary of Ken Gorman's death we have put a memorial site which suggests that law enforcement does not want to or are not willing to bring Ken's killer to justice.

The site can be found at: