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Monday, February 26, 2007

HBO's Addiction Premiere

Invitation to March 7 Premiere of HBO Documentary “Addiction”

HBO is partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NIDA, NIAAA, Faces and Voices of Recovery, and others to conduct a national public outreach campaign, “Addiction and Recovery: Communities Take Action.” This is a one-year multimedia effort culminating in a national Rally for Recovery on September 15. The key television event is "Addiction", a 90 minute documentary initially airing on March 15. The documentary is supplemented by 4 independent films on addiction, podcasts, a book, and a comprehensive website. This campaign offers an opportunity to continue to educate our communities about addiction as a chronic and treatable brain disease. For more information on the Addiction project, go to http://www.addictionaction.org/ . Advocates for Recovery will be the lead organization for this campaign in the Denver/Boulder area.

On March 7, HBO will be hosting the Denver premiere of "Addiction" at the Cable Center on the DU campus - http://www.cablecenter.org/. A reception with food will be held at 6PM with the premier of “Addiction” at 7 PM. Following the documentary will be discussion by a local panel of experts and members of the recovery community. This is an invitation only event with limited theatre seating.

To RVSP, please call 1-888-745-7425.

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