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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Death Penalty Crazy

Carol Chambers is going after more death penalties than any DA in the state put together, all by herself. She was going after both of the men convicted in a murder earlier this year, but now is told; You can go after one, but not the other.

Is it because one is more guilty than the other? Oh no, it's far more heinous than that, it's because of a "clerical error" or more elegantly put,""It is the grossest incompetence imaginable in a death penalty case, to be this sloppy," defense attorney David Lane told the television station. "This kind of mistake will result very possibly in striking the death penalty against Robert Ray." ...Which would allow the state to kill one man and not another. The whole thing is barbaric and deeply disturbing.

But the district attorney "is moving forward with the death penalty in this case," Chambers' spokeswoman, Kathleen Walsh, said Thursday. Rocky Article here
and here

Alan from Westword puts his own particular spin on the issue here.

The squish pundits and squash-eating liberals are once again questioning the wisdom of Colorado’s death penalty. But that doesn’t mean squat to Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers.

Okay, so the death penalty as practiced here has claimed exactly one life since 1968 - that of the eminently qualified Gary Davis, whose sordid career as a rapist and murderer was examined in unflinching detail in these pages a decade ago in “The Killer Inside Him.” Okay, so the futile effort to make a few of our least wanted pay the ultimate price has cost close to $50 million, with the taxpayer footing the bill for the legal arguments on both sides. So state representative Paul Weissmann wants to abolish the death penalty and plow the savings into solving cold cases. So death penalty cases tend to be a big waste of time, an excruciatingly prolonged and emotional quest for votes and revenge, not justice.

So what?

None of it matters to Chambers. She’s always marched to a different tune — the executioner’s song. WESTWORD ARTICLE HERE

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