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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Record Sealing Bill -- You Did It!!

The Record Sealing Bill is moving forward in the state legislature.
In a 9-2 vote, the House Judiciary Committee approved the measure Wednesday.

Mike Cerbo's bill to seal the criminal record for people with non-violent convictions has moved forward to Appropriations. Testimony in favor was offered by politicians, professionals, service providers, criminal justice reform advocates and people who are directly affected by the collateral consequences of a felony record.

Our deepest thanks goes out to everyone who attended and waited for hours to have the
opportunity to testify and to all of those who called, emailed and wrote their legislators in
support of this bill. We will keep you updated as it progresses.


Anonymous said...

I'm a convicted felon working to get my life back together. I made some terrible decisions and am taking responsibility for my actions and my life.
I didn't know about this bill until I saw a blurb in the Post about it and stumbled upon this blog. Hearing about all the people who lobbied for it makes me very grateful. Thanks to all of you for taking some time to help people like me along the road to full rehabilitation. I'm going to watch this blog and let all my family and friends know to support this bill.

Pamela Clifton and Christie Donner said...

Please make sure you go to CCJRC's website and get your name added to our mailing list. It's the most effective way to keep you informed of upcoming legislation.