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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tipping Point (Left meets Right)

I am thrilled to have the Independence Institute on the drug sentencing reform bandwagon. Here's an article from the Denver Post that shows how we have reached a long awaited bipartisan tipping point on this issue.

After a decade of conservative dominance in Colorado, that's a lot of defeat. So why did the institute's chief, Jon Caldara, look so happy at the Capitol last week?

At first, I figured Caldara, whose bald head and spiked beard give him a passing resemblance to Vladimir Lenin, was just trying to pass for a leftie among all the new Democratic legislators and staffers.

Then I remembered the most powerful lawmaker under the gold dome, the speaker of the House, just hates Lenin. (The speaker is, after all, a Romanoff.)

It turned out that Caldara was meeting with members of Families Against Mandatory Minimums to advance the one aspect of his crusade for smaller government - reforming our drug laws - likely to appeal to liberal legislators.

Denver Post article

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